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Discover integrative practices for leading dynamically interacting individuals, groups, and processes to enhance organizational resilience, adaptability, and performance in turbulent environments. Organizations will cover the following knowledge areas.


Although general system theory explains how interdependent components work together to make the system more than its subsequent parts (Bertalanffy, 1972), chaos theory explains how tiny variations in initial conditions can have major influence on unfolding events within the system (Capra, 1996; Gleick, 2008) that make prediction a risky, if not impossible process. This essay will explore the nature of chaos theory in systems to discover how the unpredictability of events can be harnessed for real-world applications.

In "The escalation of commitment to a failing course of action," Joel Brockner (1992) explores escalation literature to discover the reasons decision-makers tend to persist with failing courses of action. The following is a precis of Brockner’s paper.

In virtually all escalation situations, decision-makers invest money, time, self-identify, and other resources with the hope they will attain goals. However, after investing resources the decision-makers receive negative feedback that suggests they are not progressing toward the goal. Rather than changing course, the decision-makers invest additional resources.

Reviewing an inventory of key concepts in systems theory applied to biological, ecological, and human systems can illuminate ideas for understanding the dynamic nature of organizational systems.

In “Organizational design: fashion or fit,” Henry Mintzberg (1981) explores the natural configurations of organizations that result from elements of structure and situation to discover that consistency, coherence, and fit are the keys to successful organizational design.

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